“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Matt 6:21

Dump your debt.

Fortify your family.

Create an abundance.

The Budget Group–Group Coaching with REAL Support

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Tired of money making you feel like a hamster?

  • Frustrated that you work hard and still live paycheck to paycheck?
  • Looking for clarity and guidance to achieve your financial goals?
  • Feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by your money situation?
  • Searching for a successful way to work with your spouse?
Working with a coach
empowers YOUR
to deliver.

I love working with Ruth. After trying to manage all of the information that I have read and listened to, I was still not where I wanted to be financially. Sure, I knew a lot about the whys and hows but I was struggling with where to start and how to prioritize my actions. Ruth has helped me understand Me, and how to customize the tools and information in a way that best serves me and my circumstances. She helps me keep my eye on the prize.

After our first session, I felt happy, excited, comforted and most of all, hopeful. It’s not like I’ve never felt hope before, but I have continued to feel hopeful with the same intensity since our first session because I believe that I can truly become a master of my money. The coaching I am receiving is impacting more than just how I manage money, it is improving every facet of my life.

Susan J., Utah

Your Life. Your Goals. Your Success.

  • Get a clear picture of where you are and where you truly want to go with your money
  • Gain a POWERFUL perspective of what is keeping you stuck
  • UNDERSTAND yourself and your partner’s money personality and superpowers
  • SIMPLIFY financial chaos into ACHIEVABLE steps and systems
  • Discover the most useful tools and tactics for YOUR situation and marriage
  • Share and COMBINE your VALUES for a solid plan
  • Develop productive habits, rituals, and mindsets
  • Resolve roadblocks
  • BECOME a dream team with your spouse

No Lectures. No Sales Games.

Just coaching that gets results.

We both thought coaching couldn’t do much. We thought we were surviving just fine. But after that first session it became clear how much Ruth could help us and it was really huge for us. I honestly needed a coach. I hadn’t learned much about money growing up, so I learned a ton here and after just 3 sessions, I felt way more prepared for facing financial hurdles and budgeting!

Our biggest lightbulb moment was getting on the same page about spending fun money. That was huge in our relationship and has really healed something that was a real struggle for both of us! Ruth also changed my perspective. I thought because I didn’t have a degree I couldn’t get a good paying job. Turns out I can and I have! I start next week! Without her I never would have applied for anything like the job I found!

Do it!!! It will be worth it all the way. Ruth can help you get the help you need and the help you don’t know you need! If we hadn’t had her help, we would still be in the same struggle bus for probably years to come! She got us out of our sticky situation and into the future! It’s worth every penny!

Brent and Amanda L., Idaho

Clients who work with Ruth:

1. Achieve their goals in a FRACTION of the time

2. Shed their shame and solidify their competence with money

3. Learn to understand themselves, to understand their partner, and how to work TOGETHER.

4. Feel excited and prepared for the future

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What do you have to lose?

  • How much money are you losing in interest, fees, time, and missed opportunities?
  • How much sleep, energy, and time are you losing to your stress and contention around money?
  • What future and EXPERIENCES are you losing out on because of your current financial situation?
  • What PEACE, connections, and happiness are you losing because of your financial discord?

Do you want someone to show you how to stop losing and start living abundantly?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein – A really smart guy

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