Relationships and Money

If you had a severe medical emergency, who would you call to help with the non-medical parts of the emergency? If your home burned down, where would you stay? How strong is your support group? Are you part of others’ support groups? A while back, my local church received word of a couple and theirContinue reading “Relationships and Money”

Forgiveness, Grace, and Excuses

When working to improve an area of their life, people believe they must have a “no excuses” policy. I agree with this SO LONG as we agree on what an excuse is. And so long as we make lots of room for grace and forgiveness – also to be understood the same way. What isContinue reading “Forgiveness, Grace, and Excuses”

Would You Rather?

My job as a financial coach is really fun! In groups people get a little crazy, but one-on-one people are really cool! I get to work with the most interesting people and see the most fascinating parts of them – the way they make decisions and how they intentionally change something. I have worked inContinue reading “Would You Rather?”

The Perfect System

I came across this resource today. Rich Litvin is currently a very wealthy man who coaches some of the highest earning and achieving people in the world. He started out BROKE. As his business grew, he still found himself struggling with money. In a moment of epiphany on a plane ride, he created this visualContinue reading “The Perfect System”

Money Trouble #4 – Managing Money Should Come Naturally

Have you ever looked around and wondered, “How come I’m the only one who can’t seem to figure this out??? You look at coworkers or old school mates who seem to have the money thing figured out but you can’t see how the numbers are adding up. I have worked in ministry positions and listenedContinue reading “Money Trouble #4 – Managing Money Should Come Naturally”

Have We Confused Morality With Frugality?

Despite our incredible intelligence, human logic is often faulty and more motivated by emotion than by sound reasoning. As a life-long personal finance nerd, I have heard some crazy “logic” from people trying to validate their detrimental money choices. I get it. I have heard, “What does that even mean?!” from my own therapist andContinue reading “Have We Confused Morality With Frugality?”

Dear Readers,

I am asking for your help. I have been obsessed with budgets and investing and all things money since I was a teenager. As I went through the process of deciding what I wanted to do when I grew up, I knew I loved all things money, but I did not want to manage otherContinue reading “Dear Readers,”