Would You Rather?

My job as a financial coach is really fun! In groups people get a little crazy, but one-on-one people are really cool! I get to work with the most interesting people and see the most fascinating parts of them – the way they make decisions and how they intentionally change something. I have worked inContinue reading “Would You Rather?”

Money Trouble: You Are Worth Less Than Your Money

Ok, so this mindset is a major problem child and surprisingly common among my clients. I love helping to dig this one out, maybe because this is the big one I struggled with myself. I lived in hand-me-downs most of my life. I duct taped my “talking shoes” so I could make them last longer.Continue reading “Money Trouble: You Are Worth Less Than Your Money”

Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?

He stood looking at the large family portrait hanging over the piano in the living room. His young face admired the small faces staring back. He admired my husband’s muscular arms and the baby’s naked toes. He asked a couple questions about the picture and then stopped suddenly. “Wait, are you married?!” “Yes,” I replied,Continue reading “Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?”

Money Trouble #6 – Faulty Systems

“Between believing and doing, there is a vast ocean.” Does that quote ring true for you? Do you have things you believe to be good for you and want to do, but you can’t seem to “stick with it” for long? Or you simply don’t even know how to start? Most people know the key toContinue reading “Money Trouble #6 – Faulty Systems”

Money Trouble #5 – Budget are hard, boring, and fun suckers.

When you hear the word “budget,” what do you feel? Anxiety, excitement, indifference? Budgets have really been given a bad rap. That’s because they are not properly done! Budgets are not fun sucking, time consuming, 10-page spread sheets. They aren’t a weapon or an excuse to neglect your dreams and live a vanilla life. AndContinue reading “Money Trouble #5 – Budget are hard, boring, and fun suckers.”

Money Trouble #4 – Managing Money Should Come Naturally

Have you ever looked around and wondered, “How come I’m the only one who can’t seem to figure this out??? You look at coworkers or old school mates who seem to have the money thing figured out but you can’t see how the numbers are adding up. I have worked in ministry positions and listenedContinue reading “Money Trouble #4 – Managing Money Should Come Naturally”

Money Trouble #1 – Wealth is Evil

Money Trouble #1 – Fear of financial success; wealth is evil and undesirable The scriptures are loaded with examples of people whom God joyfully blessed with great prosperity for civil behavior and sound economic practices. Christ himself gave the parable of the talents (a talent is a large sum of money) which is a clearContinue reading “Money Trouble #1 – Wealth is Evil”

The Paradigm of the Bootstrap

The Motto for Those Who Rebound From Financial Letdown What does it mean to “pick yourself up by your bootstraps, dust yourself off, and go to work”? This week I watched a YouTube clip of a popular politician ranting about the absurdity of the bootstrap expression and what it implies. Now, I rarely connect onContinue reading “The Paradigm of the Bootstrap”