Money Trouble #5 – Budget are hard, boring, and fun suckers.

When you hear the word “budget,” what do you feel? Anxiety, excitement, indifference? Budgets have really been given a bad rap. That’s because they are not properly done! Budgets are not fun sucking, time consuming, 10-page spread sheets. They aren’t a weapon or an excuse to neglect your dreams and live a vanilla life. AndContinue reading “Money Trouble #5 – Budget are hard, boring, and fun suckers.”

Money Trouble #2- Thou Shalt Not Spend

After talking with hundreds of people about their anxieties and beliefs about money, I have discovered the prevalence of what I have dubbed, **Thou Shalt Not Spend Syndrome. People with this **syndrome have a conscious or unconscious belief that there are “good” expense and “bad” expenses, and that the key to financial success and the keystone ofContinue reading “Money Trouble #2- Thou Shalt Not Spend”