Bricks and Dead Men’s Blankets

Last week, my family and I explored New Orleans. We have been wanting to go for so long. Now that we live in Birmingham, AL, we are only 5 hours away. Spring Break! One of our days was spent at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. It is huge! I deligated all the trip recreationContinue reading “Bricks and Dead Men’s Blankets”

Money Trouble: You Are Worth Less Than Your Money

Ok, so this mindset is a major problem child and surprisingly common among my clients. I love helping to dig this one out, maybe because this is the big one I struggled with myself. I lived in hand-me-downs most of my life. I duct taped my “talking shoes” so I could make them last longer.Continue reading “Money Trouble: You Are Worth Less Than Your Money”

Have We Confused Morality With Frugality?

Despite our incredible intelligence, human logic is often faulty and more motivated by emotion than by sound reasoning. As a life-long personal finance nerd, I have heard some crazy “logic” from people trying to validate their detrimental money choices. I get it. I have heard, “What does that even mean?!” from my own therapist andContinue reading “Have We Confused Morality With Frugality?”