Premarital Financial Coach

A couple that meets with a premarital financial coach

A premarital financial coach can help you achieve

financial freedom and unity


The best time to work on your money and your marriage is:

  1. When you are single.
  2. At the beginning of your engagement and marriage.
  3. TODAY.

Managing money well can be confusing and difficult enough by yourself. Combining and working with a spouse creates even more complexity. Conflicts around money are the leading cause (90%) of divorces in the first 7 years and 1/3 of all divorces. This is a tragedy, especially since most of these conflicts can be avoided altogether. Taking proactive steps early is one of the greatest gifts you can give each other!

Financial Coaching for Engaged Couples ($375)

This package is an abridged version of MatriMONEY Academy and designed to create proactive money conversations, fish out potential conflict points, and give you the tools to harmoniously blend two financial lives into one. Discover each other’s money “personalities,” and how to use them as super powers. Begin a success budget as a couple, learn to talk and “fight” about money, and dream together. Whether this is your first marriage or your fifth, let’s make Your Money + Your Love = the perfect couple.

  • private sessions
  • Customized launch plan
  • Unlimited email access for 3 months
  • Great for clients who are:
    • engaged to be married and want to make sure they are on the same page.
    • happily married over all and want to improve as a financial team.

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