MatriMONEY Academy

The personal finance course you wish you’d taken even BEFORE saying “I do.”

Whether your marriage is 30-years-old or only a figment of your imagination, this course can change your money, your marriage, and your life.

9 in 10 divorces in the first 7 years and 1 in 3 divorces overall are caused by money conflicts. Theses statistics are unacceptable.

MatriMoney Academy addresses and solves for the most common areas of conflict around money and builds a unified vision for money in your marriage.

Even though divorce may be far from your mind, investing in the tools and insight to create a solid foundation and a unified approach is one of the best investments you will ever make!

Full Payment
  • 12 x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Access to Ruth Liebel’s incredible toolbox
  • Unlimited email access for 6 months
  • Exclusive discounts on additional coaching services and other resources

Want to do this course with friends, family, or co-workers?

Contact me for group rates.

This 12-session marital and premarital financial coaching course covers the foundational ingredients of SOLID PERSONAL FINANCES.

But, its superpower is PERSONAL COACHING and Christian insights to take you beyond a one-size-fits-all script and deeper than just your numbers.

Ruth has been a blessing for me and my family. She is very knowledgeable and caring. It was so hard to get my wife to help me with budgeting, and one session with Ruth and she was on board. She has helped my wife and I grow and get in line on our financial goals. If you are wanting to achieve your financial goals, I would encourage you to work with a financial coach, and Ruth does an amazing job.

Hunter M., Idaho

Designed for married and engaged Christian couples who want to:

  • Increase your pace of success and measurable gains toward financial goals.
  • Decode your own and your partner’s approach to money and understand your financial superpowers.
  • Learn the art of a successful budget; include all the important pieces that go into it and solve for common pitfalls.
  • Reduce friction and shame around money.
  • Learn how to talk and “fight” productively about money.
  • Dream together and build financial intimacy.
  • Increase essential financial skills, knowledge, and foundation.
  • Gain powerful insight, support, and accountability.
  • Connect the spiritual and the temporal through Christian theology and LDS insights.

It WORKS for what matters

You, Your Values, Your Relationship

Ruth has done a marvelous job pinpointing what my husband and I do to create some of our own problems. She has also connected us with tools and resources that help us be better stewards of our money. I like the way she tackles everything from semantics (i.e., no more “we can’t afford it” but instead “that’s not where we choose to spend right now”) to the underlying beliefs that are keeping us stuck in not only our financial progress but in all aspects of our lives. She’s a believable advocate who challenges us to live more authentically. Our marriage is better because of Ruth coaching us.

Elisa H., Oregon

Frustration and overwhelm begone!

This course is filled with the best financial information, strategies, and tools you need to put your time, energy, and money toward what is the most important to you.

Unmatched contact and 1-1 support from Ruth.

Ruth has changed my life! If you are having financial difficulties coaching is 100% the way to go. Yes, I know you could save the money to pay something off but does that change your habits? has that helped you make any progress thus far?

Ruth teaches sustainable practices that lead to change. Do yourself and you’re relationships a solid and get in touch with Ruth. She will not let you down. Don’t spend another moment stressed about finances. You can make a change. “Work is the vehicle of change. Let’s make some change!” ; )

Jon M. , Montana

We both thought coaching couldn’t do much. We thought we were surviving just fine. But after that first session it became clear how much Ruth could help us and it was really huge for us. I honestly needed a coach. I hadn’t learned much about money growing up, so I learned a ton here and after just 3 sessions, I felt way more prepared for facing financial hurdles and budgeting!

Our biggest lightbulb moment was getting on the same page about spending fun money. That was huge in our relationship and has really healed something that was a real struggle for both of us! Ruth also changed my perspective. I thought because I didn’t have a degree I couldn’t get a good paying job. Turns out I can and I have! I start next week! Without her I never would have applied for anything like the job I found!

Do it!!! It will be worth it all the way. Ruth can help you get the help you need and the help you don’t know you need! If we hadn’t had her help, we would still be in the same struggle bus for probably years to come! She got us out of our sticky situation and into the future! It’s worth every penny!

Amanda and Brent L., Idaho