Client Testimonials

Ruth has been a blessing for me and my family. She is very knowledgeable and caring. It was so hard to get my wife to help me with budgeting, and one session with Ruth and she was on board. She has helped my wife and I grow and get in line on our financial goals. If you are wanting to achieve your financial goals, I would encourage you to work with a financial coach, and Ruth does an amazing job.

Hunter M., Idaho

Ruth has changed my life! If you are having financial difficulties coaching is 100% the way to go. Yes, I know you could save the money to pay something off but does that change your habits? has that helped you make any progress thus far?

Ruth teaches sustainable practices that lead to change. Do yourself and you’re relationships a solid and get in touch with Ruth she will not let you down. Don’t spend another moment stressed about finances you can make a change. “Work is the vehicle of change. Let’s make some change!” ; )

Jon M., Montana

Ruth has done a marvelous job pinpointing what my husband and I do to create some of our own problems. She has also connected us with tools and resources that help us be better stewards of our money. I like the way she tackles everything from semantics (i.e., no more “we can’t afford it” but instead “that’s not where we choose to spend right now”) to the underlying beliefs that are keeping us stuck in not only our financial progress but in all aspects of our lives. She’s a believable advocate who challenges us to live more authentically. Our marriage is better because of Ruth coaching us.

Elissa H., Oregon

“The biggest hurdle for me was opening up to someone about my mistakes, being honest, and the cost. You have been so nice and understanding. You have given me practical solutions and have not judged me. I feel like I can trust you to have my biggest interest at heart.

My biggest lightbulb moment was the steps that I could take to make my financial journey and goals a little easier to achieve, and how investing in my future will set me up so I can help others.

Joyce K., Congo

I love working with Ruth. After trying to manage all of the information that I have read and listened to, I was still not where I wanted to be financially. Sure, I knew a lot about the whys and hows but I was struggling with where to start and how to prioritize my actions. Ruth has helped me understand Me, and how to customize the tools and information in a way that best serves me and my circumstances. She helps me keep my eye on the prize.

After our first session, I felt happy, excited, comforted and most of all, hopeful. It’s not like I’ve never felt hope before, but I have continued to feel hopeful with the same intensity since our first session because I believe that I can truly become a master of my money. The coaching I am receiving is impacting more than just how I manage money, it is improving every facet of my life.

Susan J., Utah

Financial coaching felt far too expensive when I started, but the financial gains exponentially overcame the expense of coaching. Coaching with Ruth far exceeded my expectations.

I wanted to feel financially competent and start to overcome what felt like insurmountable financial hurdles. Within a few months of working with Ruth, debt was dissolving significantly and our financial future looked secure. I spent a lifetime feeling like I was “bad with money”. When I realized that wasn’t true, everything changed. I went from fearing an impoverished old age, to earning, saving, spending, and investing with determination toward my dreams. And I dream big!

I can not praise this process enough. Ruth listened without judgement and worked hard to add value to every session. It was worth every penny. I wish I had done this twenty years ago.

Summer L,. Utah

“Financial Coaching is exactly what you need to get unstuck. Before meeting with Ruth Liebel, I expected we would just talk about the technical aspects of starting a Small Business. She of course addressed this, but she sensed non-business issues and helped me examine my beliefs around growth and change. Ruth listens carefully and asks insightful questions with gentle, firm precision. If you’re afraid of speaking aloud your doubts and fears, you can trust Ruth to hold a safe space for you to face and work through the burdens you’re carrying. Her session recaps and homework assignments are custom-fit to your particular goals and needs. Having a financial coach is like having a cheering section, a wise friend and financial guru all wrapped up in one.”

Christina S., Artist, Salt Lake City, UT

I worked with Ruth to clear some hurdles in developing my business. Ruth is an absolute pleasure to work with. I took copious notes – her insights into not only business, but life itself, were so helpful! I found I got far more done knowing I would be meeting with her and reporting my progress. She is easy to confide in, and I could trust her with all of my thoughts. I have worked with coaches in various areas of life, and I learned most from Ruth!

Kerry W., Utah

Ruth has been such a huge motivator in my financial life as well as other life goals. She is great at supporting others and giving some very much needed feedback. She has helped me feel more confident going forward with my financial goals. She’s helped me surpass my goals and is wonderful at following up on those goals. She truly cares about her clients and I would gladly recommend her to my family and friends.

Mackenzie C., Utah

We both thought coaching couldn’t do much. We thought we were surviving just fine. But after that first session it became clear how much Ruth could help us and it was really huge for us. I honestly needed a coach. I hadn’t learned much about money growing up, so I learned a ton here and after just 3 sessions, I felt way more prepared for facing financial hurdles and budgeting!

Our biggest lightbulb moment was getting on the same page about spending fun money. That was huge in our relationship and has really healed something that was a real struggle for both of us! Ruth also changed my perspective. I thought because I didn’t have a degree I couldn’t get a good paying job. Turns out I can and I have! I start next week! Without her I never would have applied for anything like the job I found!

Do it!!! It will be worth it all the way. Ruth can help you get the help you need and the help you don’t know you need! If we hadn’t had her help, we would still be in the same struggle bus for probably years to come! She got us out of our sticky situation and into the future! It’s worth every penny!

Amanda and Brent L. , Idaho

Ruth was amazing at helping me through a hard time and gave me fantastic advice. She helped give me peace of mind when I really needed it, and was so helpful in my situation.

Kaitlyn M., Utah