Bricks and Dead Men’s Blankets

Last week, my family and I explored New Orleans. We have been wanting to go for so long. Now that we live in Birmingham, AL, we are only 5 hours away. Spring Break! One of our days was spent at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. It is huge! I deligated all the trip recreationContinue reading “Bricks and Dead Men’s Blankets”

Gym Explosions and Miscommunications

This is a text message exchange I had with my daughter, whose middle school is in a very high-crime area. I asked if she was safe. She didn’t respond for nearly 15 minutes. I texted my husband at work to inform him of his daughter’s report. He was very concerned. I was wrapping up myContinue reading “Gym Explosions and Miscommunications”

Relationships and Money

If you had a severe medical emergency, who would you call to help with the non-medical parts of the emergency? If your home burned down, where would you stay? How strong is your support group? Are you part of others’ support groups? A while back, my local church received word of a couple and theirContinue reading “Relationships and Money”

It Won’t Let Me Do It!

My three-year-old is learning to dress himself. He brings his clothes to me, chucks them at my head, and joyfully asks me to put them on him. I consistently respond with the gentle encouragement, “You can do it.” He then picks up an article and fiddles with it for a moment before asking, “This way?Continue reading “It Won’t Let Me Do It!”

The Four Pillars of Money Mastery

“I’m bad with money. I have always been bad with money. My spouse is the one who is good with money. I’m terrible.” Is this your money identity? Is this your spouse’s? “Being good with money” means different things to different people. To some, it means being able to save money. To others, it meansContinue reading “The Four Pillars of Money Mastery”

Money Trouble #8: I Can’t Afford It

“I can’t afford it.” How often do you hear or say that phrase in a given day? I don’t let things rustle my feathers very often, and I have a lot of compassion for most hang-ups, but this phrase is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Do you hear financially independent people use this phrase??Continue reading “Money Trouble #8: I Can’t Afford It”

Forgiveness, Grace, and Excuses

When working to improve an area of their life, people believe they must have a “no excuses” policy. I agree with this SO LONG as we agree on what an excuse is. And so long as we make lots of room for grace and forgiveness – also to be understood the same way. What isContinue reading “Forgiveness, Grace, and Excuses”

Would You Rather?

My job as a financial coach is really fun! In groups people get a little crazy, but one-on-one people are really cool! I get to work with the most interesting people and see the most fascinating parts of them – the way they make decisions and how they intentionally change something. I have worked inContinue reading “Would You Rather?”

Money Trouble: You Are Worth Less Than Your Money

Ok, so this mindset is a major problem child and surprisingly common among my clients. I love helping to dig this one out, maybe because this is the big one I struggled with myself. I lived in hand-me-downs most of my life. I duct taped my “talking shoes” so I could make them last longer.Continue reading “Money Trouble: You Are Worth Less Than Your Money”