A 12-Year-Old’s Dreams

My Dreams
I have many wishes,
I have many dreams,
But it teases and taunts.
So close, yet so far from me.

Dreams of traveling the world, 
Hopes of traveling the sea,
I have so many wishes
That I’m sure just never can be.

I wish to live in a treehouse,
In a deep forest of green,
I would like to nod off with a smile
Looking at the stars peeking through the trees.

I hope to own a horse
And canter across the plains,
Up the mountains, over the rivers,
I want my boots to be covered in stains.

I want to see China,
Italy and Greece,
I want to ride a sailboat,
And sail the seven seas.

I want to swim with dolphins,
Experience other places,
I hope to walk other streets,
And would like to meet new faces.

I want to climb the Eiffel Tower,
And kayak under a waterfall,
I want to zipline across mountains,
And I want to hear a wolf’s mighty call.

Yes, these dreams are big,
And many may come true,
But today’s average life makes me question
All these things I wish, will I do?

I will not say that they won’t happen,
But I must not let my hopes get easily popped,
Is life too short for all my hopes?
Will lack of money get me stopped?

Many years of experience
Have led me to believe
Not to wholly count on promises,
It prevents much grief.

But maybe this will change,
As my age and independence grow
One can hope and see the truth in this
So my dreams may not be a woe.

Time can only tell,
But for now I can only dream
About these adventures, and cling to a single hope
That dreams can come to be.
-Anne Liebel Age 12, Aug 30, 2021

I believe EVERYONE has something inside of them that they are called to offer to the world. Music. Design. Athletic movement. Beautiful words. Healing. SOMETHING! And I believe we are created to enjoy each other’s gifts. Too many dreams go un-chased and too many talents go unshared or undeveloped because money feels like too big of a barrier.

Well, I’m in the dream chasing business. I help people create an abundance mindset and an abundant bank account. After working with me, not being able to afford it” will NO LONGER stop you from making your dreams come true.

Let’s get you chasing that dream!

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Published by Ruth Liebel

I am a mother of 4, wife of a surgeon and soldier, girl of the Southwest but I love The South. I am a formally educated financial counselor and a Ramsey Preferred Coach. I love my work and want to empower others to live abundantly through budget, boundaries, and beliefs. What can I help you accomplish today?