Money Trouble #8: I Can’t Afford It

“I can’t afford it.”

How often do you hear or say that phrase in a given day?

I don’t let things rustle my feathers very often, and I have a lot of compassion for most hang-ups, but this phrase is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Do you hear financially independent people use this phrase??

Do you know what this phrase is? It is financial ignorance and denial. An excuse. It is THE most limiting card someone can lay down on their financial success and, ultimately, themselves. This phrase is the greatest captor of broke and poor people, and broke and poor people are SO faithful to this phrase. The truth is, “can” vs “can’t” isn’t the matter.

Ok, as lovable and “no-nonsense” as Yoda’s black and white statement is, we are nonsensical humans after all. Right? We behave emotionally and illogically way more than we would like to admit, especially when it come to affording or not affording something.

Let’s say my kid gets in a car accident, and the brain surgeon won’t do the life-saving surgery until I come up with $10,000 of cold, hard cash. In that moment, “I can’t afford it,” means, “I simply do not have the cash.” The fact that my kid’s life is REALLY important to me is not the question. I simply do not have the cash. But should I throw my hands up and say, “I don’t have the money; I guess we better start planning a funeral”? NO!!

What would you tell me to do?

I bet you’d tell me to call everyone I know, sell everything I have, and work any job I could. Right? It is my child’s life we are talking about!

Well, isn’t building a life just as important as saving a life? Are you committed to afford the procedures that will protect and create a life of growth and opportunity -your best life??

You afforded that trip you wanted, that car you wanted, that shirt you wanted, that tool you wanted, those lotto tickets you wanted, that hobby registration you wanted, and that dinner out you wanted. Your limited cash didn’t stop you from doing that. Right? Are you closer or farther away from your goals today because of those purchases? Have you been affording the things you really value?

One of the most powerful things you can do is to STOP BLAMING your MONEY! Just own the fact that [fill in the blank] is not important to you, or that something else was more important. That is OK! Knowing what is more important to you and what is not is the first step is becoming a wise financial steward.

Remember I asked if you have ever heard a financially independent person say “I can’t afford it”? Do they not say it because they have the money? Or do they have money because they don’t say it?

Coach Tip: Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” say:

  • “What can I do to afford this?”
  • “I don’t have the cash for this yet; I am saving for it.”
  • “I choose not to afford this; I have a different job for my money.”

Even if you don’t know how you will afford something, the commitment to learn how is the magic.

Would you like to train with a financial coach to afford your best life?

Published by Ruth Liebel

I am a mother of 4, wife of a surgeon and soldier, girl of the Southwest but I love The South. I am a formally educated financial counselor and a Ramsey Preferred Coach. I love my work and want to empower others to live abundantly through budget, boundaries, and beliefs. What can I help you accomplish today?

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