The Perfect System

I came across this resource today. Rich Litvin is currently a very wealthy man who coaches some of the highest earning and achieving people in the world. He started out BROKE. As his business grew, he still found himself struggling with money. In a moment of epiphany on a plane ride, he created this visual map for the Perfect System for a Constant Struggle Around Money No Matter How Much You Earn.

The Perfect System for A Constant Struggle with Personal Finances

  • Don’t look at my financial situation, then I won’t feel the pain and somehow my situation will get better.
  • Don’t understand or learn about the tax system
  • When I’m feeling *flush, buy unnecessary items — *”Flush” translates to “a negative emotion.” He’s British. He can’t help it.
  • Surround myself with friends who see $100k as a lot of money
  • Don’t look at the numbers, balance a checkbook, or track expenses
  • Create just enough $ to get by. And then Stop. Then fill my calendar with busywork
  • Don’t save
  • Don’t give
  • Don’t learn about investing
  • Use credit instead of saving up
  • Don’t invest in a team who love to do what I don’t
  • Happy to pay bank charges and interest fees
  • Play Robin, looking for Batman
  • I want to live for today
  • Spend now; I can always create more
  • I don’t know what I want in life
  • Ask, “Who am I to have that? . . .Who are they to have that?”

How many points of this system are you living? Would you like to remove some or all of those points?

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