It’s Fate

What was the largest island in the world before Australia was discovered?

“I just can’t seem to get ahead.”

“I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop because it always does.”

These are both very common frustrations I hear from potential clients in their consultation. This is such a frustrating feeling, isn’t it?!

Have you ever heard one of the stories about women who birth a child without even knowing they were pregnant? They claim to have had NO idea there was a human-being inside of them for 9 months. There is so much that is hard to understand about these stories, right? Even more so for anyone who has carried a baby to full term.

I see a lot of similarities in the surprised mothers with people and their money. People often deliver financial babies they weren’t aware they had been creating or incubating. Life happens, certainly. It is the way we deal (or don’t deal) with life that has the greatest affect on our finances. These kinds of surprises are the result of a massive compounding affect of self-neglect, fear and denial, and lack of information.

Self-neglect is powerful. If you are unfamiliar with what healthy feels like, you don’t really notice or distinguish between the pains of unhealthy. You are also dangerously slow to do anything about it when you do recognize something is off. When you are not intentional with your financial health, you become accustomed to the stress and misery of living paycheck to paycheck and giving a large percentage of your future income to things you consumed in the past. You forget or never know how good financial freedom actually feels, so you are slow to recognize and seek help when things are off.

The power of fear and denial is also incredible. Most people do feel the symptoms of their unhealthy circumstances, but, because the consequences of reality are so overwhelming or undesirable, we simply fool ourselves into believing the discomfort is inescapable, not real, or normal. As Christians, we really LOVE to think the “trial” was divinely selected or specially reserved. Too many people ignore the reality of their growing financial problems because it seems easier at the time. Well, it doesn’t work out for the pregnant mother, and it will not work out for you.

Because information is so easy to obtain today, it is unfortunate that a lack of it is even a limiting factor for people and their finances. The habits of seeking sound information and developing self awareness are the true separators between the financially sound and the financially suffering. Those who explore their options and strive to understand their reality are the ones who discover the solutions.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung

The answer to the question above is Australia. Australia was ALWAYS the largest island. Awareness and acceptance don’t create truth any more than ignoring or neglecting the truth will erase it.

A child closing their eyes to an oncoming vehicle doesn’t make the vehicle go away. Closing your eyes to your financial health, relationship health, mental health, or physical health will make things get worse, not better.

What are you ignoring, neglecting, or refusing to accept about your finances?

I help clients achieve in 3-6 months what they hadn’t been able to do in 20 years and were even starting to believe it was impossible. I help people see what they don’t see about the way they manage money, and learn how to respond well to life. You might be spinning in a cycle of frustration, debt, and shame while the simple solution is right in front of you!

Would you like to discover what you are missing?

Published by Ruth Liebel

I am a mother of 4, wife of a surgeon and soldier, girl of the Southwest but I love The South. I am a formally educated financial counselor and a Ramsey Preferred Coach. I love my work and want to empower others to live abundantly through budget, boundaries, and beliefs. What can I help you accomplish today?