Have We Confused Morality With Frugality?

Despite our incredible intelligence, human logic is often faulty and more motivated by emotion than by sound reasoning. As a life-long personal finance nerd, I have heard some crazy “logic” from people trying to validate their detrimental money choices.

I get it. I have heard, “What does that even mean?!” from my own therapist and coaches enough to know what it’s like to be stuck in emotionally-centered “logic.” These box-busting challenges from my mentors have made my world much bigger, more enjoyable, and more capable of abundance in areas I’d hardly expected to be deficient.

Many limiting beliefs exist around money, and they, ironically, prevent people from creating the life they are working so hard for.

This Ted Talk challenges a common financial fallacy.


Would you like to succeed financially AND work in a cause for which you feel strongly?

The Puritans were mistaken. God loves to bless His children spiritually AND temporally; one is not the antithesis of the other. In fact, He gives us each unique gifts SO THAT we CAN create bounty and bless others. When we live according to the divine laws of the goal we are pursuing, He gives to us ABUNDANTLY. God delights in our successes, especially when we use those successes to beautify our lives, the world, and His other children’s lives. More bounty helps more people.

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Here are some of my favorite snippets for those of you who don’t want to watch the whole clip.

“Why has the US poverty population been stuck at 12% for 40 years? The answer is these social problems are massive in scale, our organizations are tiny in scale, and we have a belief system that keeps them tiny.”

“We have a visceral reaction to the idea that anyone would make very much money helping other people. Interesting that we don’t have a visceral reaction to the notion that people would make a lot of money NOT helping other people.”

“This system . . .gives a really stark mutually exclusive choice between doing well for yourself and your family or doing good for the world.”

The Puritans were taught to literally hate themselves and their financial success. “Charity became their answer to pay penitence for their profit making tendencies. . . .Financial incentive was exiled from the realm of helping others so that it could thrive in the area of making money for yourself. In 400 years nothing has intervened to say ‘that’s counterproductive.'”

“This is what happens when we confuse morality with frugality.”

“People are yearning to measure the full distance of their potential on behalf of the causes that they care about deeply.”

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One last quote, (perhaps for a future blog post?):

“When you prohibit failure, you kill innovation.”

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