Education with Best Return on Investment

I wish I got paid a dollar for every time someone said, “Oh, I wish someone had taught me how to manage money when I was young. I should have taken a college class on it or something.” Have you ever wished this? What is stopping you now?

Erroneous teachings and a lack of financial literacy are common pitfalls of personal finances. Taking a college level financial literacy class is a great investment, and many universities do offer a personal finance class of some kind. But what about the folks who don’t want the hassle of going to campus or feel conspicuous in a room full of 19-year-olds? What about the folks, young or experienced, who have heard the generic basics enough and want to become a true master of their money? Have you ever thought of financial coaching?

At $595 for the average college credit or $1785 for a 3 credit class plus taxes and fees and $100-200 per textbook, Americans have zealously committed $1.6 TRILLION of their future income in exchange for college credits and mascot association under the illusion that these college credits, either individually or cumulatively, will somehow set them on the path to certain financial success. What is a trillion anyway? Check out this answer.

The ugly truth is that many of the college degrees and most individual classes are a total flop as investments for increased income and none of them can compensate for human nature or a marriage that is on different pages. Even accounting, finance, and business majors fall right into the 78% of people who live paycheck to paycheck and find themselves unprepared for retirement.

A good college-level personal finance class will give you information about general topics and may initiate a couple of good habits–at least until the final test. However, we know that knowledge does not mean successful application, especially in the long term.

For example, how many of us know that a diet high in processed and sugary foods is a major player in unwanted weight gain? And yet how many of us–for whatever reason–continue to eat a diet like that anyway? How many of us know that having consumer debt is the biggest roadblock to building wealth and yet we have student loans, credit card debt, and/or a car payment? How many of us know that we should be regularly saving for retirement, but don’t, and then even borrow against what we have invested?

As humans, we have valid reasons why we struggle in important areas of life. It isn’t simply a lack of work ethic or will-power. Humans are highly emotional creatures. All of us. Our logic is faulty and inconsistent. Early conditioning, shame, fear, unhealthy family boundaries, and pride are very, very real stumbling blocks. As much as the most stubborn of us would like to deny it, we need someone skilled and objective to lovingly expose our blind spots while helping us see and create ways around roadblocks that seem immovable. You won’t get this in a college classroom.

Six months of coaching costs about the same as a single college class, and you don’t have to go to campus, purchase textbooks, pay for student fees, or complete any prerequisites. Coaching is the invitation to do something differently and will improve the way you look at and handle money the rest of your life, launching you in a far better trajectory than when you started. You will learn how to make your money support your life, rather than the reverse. The positive impact financial coaching has on your personal finances, your self-confidence, your marriage unity, and your achievement of those goals and dreams the seemed too big is absolutely priceless. What single college class has that kind of effect? What would these accomplishments be worth to you?

When you put all this into perspective, financial coaching is the deal of the century and unmatched by nearly any college class you will ever take. Are you tired of saying, “I wish” and ready to say, “I did?”

Add financial coaching to your school or life-long learning schedule today.

If you are ready to take your financial education to another level and revolutionize the way you manage your money, click here to schedule a complementary consultation and find out if coaching is a good fit for you.

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